Mt. Qomolangma(Everest) Tours – Tibet, Shigatse, China

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Mt. Qomolangma(Everest)


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Tibet Autonomous Region, China, Shigatse, Tibet
Hours : Better to go during the Day time

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User Reviews

Re: Mt. Qomolangma(Everest)

By Cindy Li,

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 I was planning to visit Nepal the end of this year, but a few month ago almost all the places  I wanted to visit are gone ...
No way for me to go up there.

By Kate,


We only stood at the foot of Mt. Everest, and no way for me to go upper, but even just feel the air around Mt. Everest it`s already enough for me. I still can not believe that i can be here, near thehighest mountain in the world, i know many people dreaming the day they can be here, yes, i made it. lol ...

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