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Synotrip is here to make it as easy as possible for independent travelers, or "trippers" as we like to call them, to plan their tours.


Choose a Tour Guide

If you need a tour guide, you can search for guides who work in the destination where you’re going and contact him/her directly to arrange your tour details.

You can search them at

After you find guide(s) you like, you can make a Tripper profile and contact them either by using guide`s personal details (if posted) or clicking the Book A Tour button located on the guide`s profile. Once you get in touch with the guide you will be able to arrange all the trip details. 

If you don't want to spend time on searching, please let us know, we will be glad to offer some options and introduce some tour guides to you.



There are so many tour guides listed! Who should you choose? Here are some tips on picking a suitable guide for you.

  • See if there are reviews by other travelers posted on their profile. Of course, our tour guide listings are quite new so there aren't many reviews yet.
  • See how long the tour guide has been signed up on Synotrip. If they have been on for a long time, this means there is no way they could have hidden bad reviews.
  • Check out content contributed by the tour guide. This can display their knowledge and enthusiasm. Content they submitted is listed on their profile page.
  • Ask for references.


FAQ For Trippers


  • What’s Synortip?

Synotrip was founded by a group of passionate young people, who love traveling and sharing different cultures all over the world with others. It’s a free platform for English speaking guides/drivers/interpreters/translators, aiming to provide useful tour information to trippers and help tourists and tour guides get in touch with each other directly.


  • What’s A Tripper Profile?

Synotrip users are divided into two categories: guides and tourists. Guides can register a Tour Guide profile on to show their services and charges, while tourists can register a Tripper account for contacting with guides. If a tourist has no Synotrip Tripper Profile, he/she won’t be able to contact guides unless ask Synotrip Admin for help.


  • How to find car renting or some other service?

Apart from tour guide service, there are also some services provided, such as car renting, interpreter, translator, purchasing etc. If you need it, you can search for tour guides who leave this kind of message on their profiles and contact him/her directly to talk about your requests.

You search them at


  • How should trippers pay their guides?

Synotrip is just a platform for guides and tourists to get in touch with each other. We have no rights to interfere collaborations between both sides. They should negotiate all details from price to payment method by themselves. There is no a third party to help them handling payments.

We don’t suggest tourists to make a full payment before starting the tour. They can negotiate with guides and make a suitable payment method which is good for both sides.


  • How to add a review to a guide?

    It would be great if you could post a review under a guide’s profile, in that case travelers can read this great review, before they choose a suitable guide.

In order to do that, you need to log in to your profile, find the guide’s profile. Click Add New Review bellow the profile, feel free to write what you want and save. Our Admin will check your review, if it conforms to our regulations, it will be published ASAP.


  • When will the review I posted be published?

There is so much new content posted by users on our site every day, it usually takes 3-4 workdays for our Admin to check all the new contents to see if they conform to our regulations. If they do, they will be published ASAP. Please wait a little bit longer.


Getting the Most Out of Your Tour

Talk to your tour guides before meeting them. Discuss:

  • The length of time they will work.
  • How many people will be attending.
  • Who will pay entrance tickets, meal fees and transportation fees.  Also discuss whether or not you will be tipping.
  • Where you will be traveling together. For that matter, tell them where you will NOT be traveling together as well. It is common for tour guides to earn commission for bringing travelers to gift shops. If you don't want to stop at any of these, let them know ahead of time.
  • Any special considerations you will need.
  • What currency you will be paying with. You pay the tour guide directly. Synotrip charges neither the 'Tripper' nor the tour guide.
  • Finally, after using their services, please go to their profile and post a review. This is highly useful for other trippers and your guide will appreciate it.


Synotrip does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any member profile on Synotrip merely provides a platform for tour guides and travelers to meet. 


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