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It would be great if you could post a review under a guide’s profile, in that case travelers can read this great review, before they choose a suitable guide.


How to add a review to a guide?

You need to log in to your profile, find the guide’s profile. Click Add New Review bellow the profile, feel free to write what you want and save. Our Admin will check your review, if it conforms to our regulations, it will be published as soon as possible.


When will the review I posted be published?

There is so much new content posted by users on our site every day, it usually takes 3-4 workdays for our Admin to check all the new contents to see if they conform to our regulations. If they do, they will be published ASAP. Please wait a little bit longer.


Sharing your knowledge and experience

As you travel, come back and post photos, reviews or other content to share your experience with other travelers. They will appreciate it! Just click on the links on the menu to the left to add something new or navigate to existing content to post a review or comment.

If a destination you have traveled to, such as a restaurant or tourist attraction, is not yet on Synotrip, add it as "Attractions"

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