Creating Content

Posting content is a great way to share your country with the world, and a great way to grab more bookings. Here we'll explain how Synotrip works, how you can get started and why you should bother.


What do Trippers Want?

When Trippers land on Synotrip, they usually already have a good idea of which country they want to go to. They might also have an idea of which cities they want to visit. Many also have a couple top tourist attractions in mind.

But they rarely have a full plan in mind. For that, they rely on you and other local Tour Guides.

They want to know things like:

  • Where are the best restaurants?
  • Are there some sights to see that only local Tour Guides know?
  • Which are the best tourist attractions to visit?

More than that, they want to get a feeling for where they might travel. They love photos!


Attractions & Tours

Synotrip allows you to post a bunch of different types of content.

The first two to understand are "Attractions" and "Tours".

An Attraction is a physical place to visit. For example:

  • A famous museum.
  • Your favourite restaurant.
  • A lovely park.
  • The funnest night club.
  • The main airport in your city.

We use the word "attraction" quite broadly.

A Tour is a tour package that you offer. It lets Trippers know what you recommend.

Some Tour Guides post Tours that go to many different Attractions and may even go to multiple cities as well. Some post Tours that go to just one Attraction.

More broadly, a Tour is a service that you provide. Think outside the box a bit and you can come up with some ideas. For example:

  • A cooking class.
  • A trip to the local markets.
  • An airport pickup service.
  • A pub crawl.
  • An all-day private driver service.
  • A business-oriented tour of garment factories.

Be creative. Any activity you provide for a fee is a "Tour".


How To Post Content

When you're logged in, there are links near the top of the site to "Add Attraction", etc.

You can also navigate to any Attraction. On that page, you'll see options to "Add Review" and "Add Photos".

All content is reviewed by Synotrip moderators whenever it is added or edited.


Where to Start?

First, make sure your city is on Synotrip. If it isn't, contact us and we'll add it.

Second, take a look at the content for your city now. Some are empty but some have thousands of posts already.

If your city is empty, that's great! It means you can claim the Attractions first. Plus, you won't have much competition yet.

Start small. Add a couple Attractions or Tours and get used to the site.

If your city is already populated with content, see what else you can provide.

Are there Attractions missing? Add one.

For Attractions that are there, have your say. Trippers don't only look at the top content. They like to scroll up and down the page. Write Reviews to show your insights & personality.


Why Put in so Much Work?

We hope you really have it in your heart to share the best parts of your culture with others. Let's bring people together and create real understanding between people.

But, we know you also have to make a living! So here's the financial case. There are 4 common ways to promote your tour guide services.

  1. You can create your own website.
  2. You can use a tour guide platform with high commission fees. (20% usually, ouch!)
  3. You can use Synotrip.
  4. You can use social media.

You might want to do all four even!

Creating your own website isn't very hard, but promoting it is harder. On Synotrip, you're part of a community of Tour Guides. Trippers love to choose from many Tour Guides in one place. In fact, we do recommend you learn to create and promote your own website. Many Synotrip Tour Guides moved on to do that.

Using other Tour Guide platforms is a good solution for the short-term, or for businesses with such great profitability that they can pay 20% on all their bookings. 20% may feel small at first, but in the long-run you'll be stuck.

On Synotrip, once your content is on the site, it's there to stay! A handful of great content can attract bookings on an ongoing basis for years.

You should use social media too! Wherever you post great content, remember to share it on social media. We share plenty of Tour Guide content on our Facebook account as well.