Your Profile

Your profile is your most important marketing tool!

When a potential customer arrives on your profile, it's your chance to persuade them to contact you. It's important to enter an accurate, appealing description of yourself and your services.



  • Photos are very important. Tour Guides with photos that give a clear view of their face attract more clients.
  • Be honest about your level of English. 
  • The About Me section of your profile is key
  • Your tagline shows up on every piece of content you add, so make it count.



The profile photos that perform best on Synotrip are photos that show a clear view of the Tour Guide's face. Photos with a company logo or other company marketing materials tend to do less well. Remember, travellers come to Synotrip to find and compare individual Tour Guides.

When adding a photo of yourself, it's important to consider your image - your own personal brand. Do you take tourists on kayaking trips? Get a pic of you with your kayak.

A great photo:

  • Is clear, not blurry.
  • Shows your whole face. Avoid wearing sunglasses over your eyes.
  • Is current.
  • Is at least 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. If you're adding a picture taken from your camera, it will be a lot bigger than that, which is fine.

Remember to smile! A smile makes you look friendly and welcoming.

Synotrip moderators remove any photo that:

  • Displays your website address, phone number or other contact info.
  • Shows any nudity. (Yes, it's happened before.)
  • Is of somebody other than yourself, such as a celebrity.

Examples of Great Photos

Samantha's photo is clear, she's smiling and it has a nice background too.

Ebenezer's photo is clear, has an appropriate background and has a special style to it. It's normally best to smile, but his gaze into the sky works great too.


English Level

On your profile, it asks you to select your "English Level". We suggest you select this based on the following guidelines.

  1. Do you speak English as your first language? If so, select "Native".
  2. Are you able to understand 95% of what customers say to you? Can you explain anything to them in English in a concise manner? Do you make few errors in pronunciation and grammar? If so, select "Fluent".
  3. Are you able to understand 70% of what customers say to you? Are you able to explain pretty much everything to your customers in English? If so, select "Intermediate".
  4. Do you have a basic understanding of English? Are you able to provide your customers with a satisfactory trip, albeit with communication difficulties along the way? If so, select "Basic". In general, if you have only a basic command of English, we feel you should not be charging English-speaking customers for your services. However, there are some Tour Guides on Synotrip that provide services for free in order to practice their English or make friends.
  5. Do you speak no English at all? If so, select "N/A". There are some Tour Guides that provide services in other languages. Of course, if you don't know any English, this help page doesn't help you much anyways!


About Me

The "About Me" area is one of the most important parts of your profile. Use it to tell your potential customers about yourself and your services. There are many Tour Guides on Synotrip so try to write about what makes you unique or special. Many Trippers come to Synotrip to find Tour Guides with strong knowledge or interests in certain areas. As a team, Synotrip Tour Guides can offer tourists more variety than any travel agency can.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you have many years of experience?
  • Do you have strong knowledge in certain areas? How about sports, fashion, history, cuisine or nightlife?
  • Do you have a nice car to drive trippers around in?
  • Are you able to work during the night or early in the morning?
  • Do you speak English better than other Tour Guides in your area?
  • Are you able to handle large groups?


  • Check your writing for spelling and grammar errors. Potential customers tend to judge your English level based on your writing.
  • Write in full sentences.
  • Remember to tell your potential customers that you welcome their business. A simple statement like "I look forward to meeting you. Contact me using the link below." will increase the number of times you are contacted.
  • Show some enthusiasm about the area for which you provide services.

Contact Info

You may not enter your contact info in the "About Me" section. If you are a free member, users may contact you via your contact form. If you are a Premium Member, you may add whatever contact info you like, but please do so in the appropriate fields, not the "About Me" section.



Your tagline will be seen at the top of your profile and on every piece of content you add. It's often going to be the first thing that a potential customer reads about you, so you'd better make it count!

The photo below shows the position of Elephant_Walker's tagline on an Attraction he added.


Tips on Writing The Best Tagline

  • Mention the city or region in which you operate.
  • Make sure to use proper grammar.
  • If you have a focus on a certain type of service, mention it here. Remember, there are many Tour Guides in some cities, so you have to do your best to stand out. For example, "Take a Tour Through the History of Beijing" would be a good tagline.
  • If there's something that makes you stand out to Trippers, try to list it in your tagline. For example, Lijiang Guides used the tagline "Travel in China with a native-English-speaking expert on SW China". One of the benefits of travelling with him is that he is a native English speaker so he makes that clear in his tagline.