FAQ For Tour Guides


How will the trippers contact me?

When the trippers find you from the local tour guide list, they can contact you by the contact information you provided on your profile page, such as email, WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, phone number... so make sure you have filled out your information.


Why I'm not on the tour guide list?

  • If you just signed up, you need to fill out your profile page including your name, profile photo, location, tagline, about me, contacts... when your profile is checked and approved by our moderator (usually 1-3 workdays), you will get a Starter membership which keeps you stay on the list for 3 months for free; please email us if you already filled in all your information but haven't got the Starter membership;
  • When your Strater membership expires, you will off the list; if you want to stay on the list, you could always choose a membership with more privileges to get more business;
  • If your necessary information (location, tagline, about me...) is missing, you will be off the list automatically, please double check your profile page and save the change after editing.


Why do I  need a membership? What are my privileges?

You will have 3 months free Starter membership when you registered and filled out your profile, after that, you will be off the list. 

Pro and Premium membership will help you stay on the list and seen by the trippers, please learn other privileges you will have as a paid member here.


How do I purchase a membership? 

We accept Paypal and Alipay, you could pay monthly or yearly.

  • If you use Paypal, you can log in and upgrade your account by yourself on Account Upgrades;
  • If you use Alipay, you need to email us after you pay, our moderator will upgrade your account manually.

The payment details and procedures are here on How to Upgrade Account.


How do I check my membership status?

Please log in and go to your profile page and click "Membership" on the tabs to check, you will see what kind of membership you are holding and when will it expire. 


How am I ranked?

  • Only Starter, Pro, and Premium users are displayed on the list, the order goes by Premium > Pro > Starter;
  • In the same type of tour guides, the ranking goes by the points that tour guide earned in the last 12 months of that location. For example, on the list of Shanghai tour guides, if 2 Shanghai tour guides are both Premium users, they will be displayed above all other Pro and Starter tour guides in Shanghai, but between 2 of them, who posted more about Shanghai in the post 12 months has more points of Shanghai and that tour guide is higher than the other one;
  • If tour guides have the same membership and exact same points of a certain location, then the ranking is shuffled, they could be displayed as ABCDE or DECAB when you refresh the page or check next time. 


How do I get my payment?

Synotrip is just a platform for Tour Guides and Trippers to meet. We don't handle payments

We suggest that you negotiate the price and payment method with the tripper ahead of time. Make sure to discuss whether a tip is expected or not. We also advise you to consider who is expected to pay expenses on the tour, such as admissions fees for tourist attractions and transportation fees. Finally, remember to confirm which currency should be used.


Why should I post content?

Posting content is a great way to share your country with the world, and a great way to grab more bookings.

Synotrip is a community that needs everyone to build together.  The unique content is the driving force of a website, we would always love to encourage and reward those who brought us original content. By posing you are making this website dynamic.

  • You will help the website and yourself to get more traffic and business;
  • On the tour guide list, in the same type of membership the ranking goes by the points you earned, so the more points you have the higher you are;
  • We will push the good content to our homepage and Facebook to help you get more exposure and potential clients.

 Please read more and learn how to Create Content here.


Why can't I see my content after I posted?

  • If you're a paid member, the content will be published right away and double-checked by a moderator later;
  • If you're a free member, it isn't visible yet, but it will be once a moderator checks it. You'll receive an email when it is published.


Why is my content rejected?

We have certain rules for you to follow when you post content, if you break the rules, your content will be rejected by our moderators, you will get a notification, then you are able to edit and post it again.

Please read the Content Quality Guidelines here.


Why am I not getting any inquiries? How do get more business?

1. If you are not getting inquiries, first of all, you should check:

  • Are you on the list of the tour guide list?
  • Is your profile complete?


  • You might off the list, so the trippers couldn't see your profile. If you already had a Starter membership, you could choose Pro or Premium membership to stay on the list. A premium membership could even help you to get the top of the list;
  • If the necessary information is missed on your profile (location, tagline, about me), you will be off the list automatically, after you fill all the information, you will back on the list again if you are a Starter, Pro or Premium member;
  • We also have lots of tips to help you making a perfect profile to win the trippers' trust, please read the instructions here: Make Profile Perfect.

2. What can I do to get more business?

Creating content.

  • When you posting articles, photos, attractions... you are displaying yourself and creating more opportunities to be seen; when the tripper browsing the city guide, they would see the contents linked to you;
  • You are earning points by posting content, the more points you have the higher you are ranked;
  • We push the good content to our homepage and Facebook which helps you get more exposure and potential clients.

Trippers review.

  • Trippers can write reviews about you on your profile page. Reviews will help you to build a good reputation and earn trust from potential clients. Trippers always choose the tour guide with good reviews.
  • If your client asks how to post a tour guide review, please ask them to check this page How to Post Reviews.


What if I get inappropriate emails from someone?

Synotrip is a free open platform for tour guides and trippers, therefore, we could not control who is contacting you. You can report to us if you get any inappropriate email from strangers, we would delete their account when it checks out.

Also, please be safe if you need to work with the trippers alone, at night, or out of town.


Please feel free to email admin@synotrip.com if you have further questions, we would be glad to hear your feedback.