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Jokhang Temple


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In the middle of Banrkhor Jie, China, Lhasa, Tibet
Hours : 9:30am-7pm

About this place

The Jokhang Temple, situated in Barkhor Square, is the noisy and colorful heart of Lhasa.

Jokhang Temple, one of Tibet`s holiest temples. These devout pilgrims wear yak leather gloves and aprons to protect their hands as they slide over the rocky ground, their reverent prostrations atoning for bad deeds performed in the past. Prostrating pilgrims journey from all over Tibet to worship here.

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User Reviews

Re: Jokhang Temple

By Kungfu Panda,

Excellent & Professional English tour guide


Jokhang Temple is supreme in Tibetan Buddhism.

By Kate,


Jokhang Temple is our first stop in Lhasa, people around us all say if you go to Tibet and didnt go to Jokhang Temple, that means you didn't go Lhasa at all. So here we are.
Jokhang Temple located at the center of old area of Lhasa, it already over 13500 years, and it is supreme in Tibetan Buddhism.
The Temple is in the downtown center you can just walk there and you can see many followers are praying in front of the temple, and they have a different way of praying as the more

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