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Qing He Lane


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Hefang street, Shangcheng District, China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou
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Re: Qing He Lane

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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<p>Qinghefang are ancient downtown area of Hangzhou, located in Hangzhou City Old City, there is a rich historical and cultural heritage and cultural heritage. Fangjie new bridge east of the palace, is the Southern Song Dynasty Song Emperor Palace - Deoksugung Palace ruins. Southern Song Dynasty, has been called the Prince of Zhang Qinghe residential street in the Pacific was called Royal Lane, therefore, the band was named Qinghefang. Southern Song Dynasty, Qinghefang shops, restaurants C...read more
Re: Qing He Lane

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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<p>Qinghefang historical and cultural characteristics of neighborhoods located south of the scenic Hangzhou Wushan foot, only a few hundred meters away from the West Lake, covers an area of ​​13.66 hectares, as Hangzhou, the only well-preserved Old Town - Qinghefang Historic District, Hangzhou is a long history of miniature.</p>
Food and shopping at Qing He Lane

By Samantha,

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<p>Hefang Jie is not only a shopping street, it`s also a place you can find local food and snacks here. <br /> The famous dishes you have to try like, Lake Carp in Sweet and Sour Sauce (西湖醋鱼 xī h&uacute; c&ugrave; y&uacute; ), Dongpo Pork (东坡肉 dōng pō r&ograve;u&nbsp;&nbsp; ), Stewed Duck with Dried Bamboo Shoots (干笋尖炖鸭 gān sǔn jiān d&ugrave;n yā ), Beggar`s Chicken (叫花鸡 ji&agrave;o huā jī ).</p>

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