The Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde Tours – Chengde, Hebei Province, China

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The Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde


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North of Chengde City., China, Hebei Province, Chengde
Hours : 8am-5:30pm

About this place

If you come from train station, you can take bus No. 5 and 11 to get here, it`s about 10 minutes.

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User Reviews

Beautiful place, Imperial Summer Villa

Imperial Summer Villa also also know as "escape the heat mountain villa" which became the Chengde`s main attraction since 1703. This villa have many its own park inside and the whole villa surrounded by ancient wall, you will feel the royal atmosphere by looking at this walls and lakes. In the summer time, the water lily and Lotus lying on the lake, the pavilion hiding among the green trees, it`s so beautiful. I wish i could be the Empire so i can enjoy all this every Summer. :DD more
The Mountain Resort, a good place to go in hot Summer time.

It`s Summer now, i am in Nanjing, it`s really really hot here, and i heard that the Mountain Resort in Chengde, used to be a place for Empire to spend the hot Summer, so I am planning to go to Chengde the Mountain Resort and have a cool summer there, but will it only be a attraction now or it does have some rooms inside are open for public, i am not sure about this. If somebody know, please tell me. Tnks.
Kang Qian 72 Scenic spots in The Mountain Resort

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The one named by Kamgxi were all by 4 characters:

1、烟波致爽   2、芝径云堤   3、无暑清凉   4、延薰山馆
 5、水芳岩秀   6、万壑松风   7、松鹤清樾   8、云山胜地
 9、四面云山  10、北枕双峰  11、西岭晨霞  12、锤峰落照
13、南山积雪  14、梨花伴月  15、曲水荷香  16、风泉清听
17、濠濮间想  18、天宇咸畅  19、暖流暄波  20、泉源石壁
21、青枫绿屿  22、莺啭乔木  23、香远益清  24、金莲映日
25、远近泉声  26、云帆月舫  27、芳渚临流  28、云容水态
29、澄泉绕石  30、澄波叠翠  31、石矶观鱼  32、镜水云岑
33、双湖夹镜  34、长虹饮练  35、甫田丛越  36、水流云在 more
Kang Qian 72 Scenic spots in The Mountain Resort

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The Mountain Resort also called the Qing dynasty's summer palace, it was built in 1703, and  took 89 years to complete this hug project in 1792.
The Mountain Resort is used to be the place when Summer time, Emperors came here to escape the hot weather. Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong were both stayed here. And it`s still have 36 Scenic spots named by Kangxi and another 36 Scenic spots named by Qianlong, and they call it Kang Qian 72 Scenic spots.

I like these names more
Kang Qian 72 Scenic spots in The Mountain Resort

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The one named by Qianlong were all by 3 characters:

 1、丽正门  2、勤政殿  3、松鹤斋  4、如意湖
 6、绮望楼  5、青雀舫  7、驯鹿坡  8、水心榭 
 9、颐志堂 10、畅远台 11、静好堂 12、冷香亭
13、采菱渡 14、观莲所 15、清晖亭 16、般若相
17、沧浪屿 18、一片云 19、萍香泮 20、万树园
21、试马埭 22、嘉树轩 23、乐成阁 24、宿云檐
25、澄观斋 26、翠云岩 27、罨画窗 28、凌太虚
29、千尺雪 30、宁静斋 31、玉琴轩 32、临芳墅
33、知鱼矶 34、涌翠岩 35、素尚斋 36、永恬居   

 1、lì zhèng m& more

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