5 Days Classic Photography Tour in Zhangjiajie

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Duration : 3 to 5 days
Starting Price : 300USD/Person

Tour Description

Day 1

Arrive at Dayong airport (in the afternoon), pick up, transfer to Tianmen mountain, take cable car up to top of Tianmen mountain for shooting, sky walk and holly Karst mountain, cable car down, stay overnight in city center.

Accommodation: Zhangjiajie City

Day 2

Check out, transfer 1.5 hours to Zhangjiajie grand canyon for shooting, mountain crack with steps between, waterfalls, glass bridge from the bottom, half day there. 
Transfer to National Park, take elevator up to Yuanjiajie area (Avatar mountains - recommended for afternoon/sunset).
Transport to Hostel on the top of mountain.

Day 3

Sunrise: Get up early to shoot the sunrise in Laowuchang. 
Visit Kongzhong Tianyuan (Sky Field Garden) rice paddy area, farmed by local people and hanging on an outcrop, surrounded by Zhangjiajie’s classic towers for still life shots of the farmers.
Travel to Yangjiajie area, take photos of Natural Great Wall for sunset (or Tianbofu).
Travel back to hostel.

Day 4

Sunrise: Tianzi Shan (Son of Heaven) for Zhangjiajie pillars.
See Yubi Feng (Imperial Pen Peaks) is what some Western photographers have called “The Emperor’s Pens”. 
Take elevator down/cable car, transfer to hotel in Wulingyuan area.

Accommodation: Wulingyuan

Day 5

Transfer to National park entrance, mountain pillar reflection shooting, Golden whip stream shooting.
Transfer back to airport around 1:00pm.


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