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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 68USD/Person

Tour Description

We pick up from all hotels in Guangzhou Center.

The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is notable for the rich decorations which exist inside, outside the halls and in almost every beams, ridges, walls and columns. This make the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall a large collection of wood carving, stone carving, brick carving, pottery, plaster and iron engraving.

Initially built during the Western Han Dynasty (207 BC - 24 AD) as a private house, Guangxiao Temple was used as a lecture hall before being dedicated completely to the function of a Zen Buddhist Temple during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279). The many noted monks and sutra-translators who have resided there have contributed greatly to the spread of Buddhist culture. The pride of the temple is Hui Neng, the famous sixth master of Zen Buddhism, who had his hair cut and was initiated into monkhood there.

It is one of the four big ancient China Islamic mosques. It is also the existing China oldest mosque architecture. This mosque was built in the early Tang Dynasty, was one of the earliest mosques built after the afferent Islam in China. 

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is a world famous ancient Buddhist temple built in 537 in Southern dynasties (386-581A.D). It is one of the four best Buddhist temples in Guangzhou, together with Guangxiao Temple, Hualin Temple and Haidong Temple.

We provide private English guide with the tour team,  the price don’t include ticket fee and meal. We help team members buy the tickets, also will recommend some traditional restaurants.

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