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Chen Clan Academy


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Chen clan Academy , was a school for the surname with Chen from all over guangdong province , now becomes a museum . from this place , you can know more about the culture of guangzhou . it is one of the favorite place i like to visit in guangzhou .i am sure you will like it when you are here .

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It was a family clan academy that was founded with the fund contributed by Chen families from 72 counties in Guangdong for the family education. It is a great building complex with extremely exquisite stone and clay decorations on top of the roof and detailed stone carvings and solid hard wood screens and seperations of the house.
Chen clan academy was under construction in 1890 and completed in 1894

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Chen clan academy was under construction in 1890 and completed in 1894,sponsored by the Chen clans across the 72 county,Guangdong province.It served as ancestral hall and library.Chen clan academy is the most spectacular achitectural complex which is still existing and full of canton styles,rigorous layout,delicate ornaments,magnificient,is the major national historical unit.The purpose of its construction was planned to cater for Chan clan members' temporary accommodation who came to more
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