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Meng Tian Xiang Cao


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No. B5.6 Ligong Di Outlet Mall, China, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou
Hours : 10am-11pm

About this place

This restaurants is run by a Taiwan Designer, she is really kind and nice, treat every customer as a friend, even though you just stop by, not buying anything, you will still get a special herb tea which made by herself. Also, she know how to bake cookies which are amazing. She had a story why she open a restaurant in Suzhou, if you interested, go there and find it out by yourself.

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Re: Meng Tian Xiang Cao

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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It is very friendly restaurant . It is very peaceful inside and designed a Taiwan Designer
ii love it

It has a site in Kunshan city and I went there on my birthday in March. Even the first time been there, I fell in love with its gorgous enviroment and healthy cuisine. Definitely I will visit again:)
Thanks for introduce such a nice place in Suzhou.

I stooped by this bakery/restaurant last Saturday when i have a rest around Jinji Lake, it`s a good place, the cookies really remind me the time when i working at Taiwan,and the good times i spent there. The herb tea was nice too, different as other regular Chinese tea.
I will introduce it to my friends.
Meng Tian Xiang Cao is a cute and lovely place in Suzhou.

Meng Tian Xiang Cao is a cute and lovely place, the boss is really nice, she is from Taiwan, she knows how to do the business, many people go to her restaurant to have lunch or dinner with families or with friends, and she have a cute dog too, very funny doggy. He will running around you,but wont bothering you at all.


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