The Swallow Rock (Yanzi Ji) Tours – Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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The Swallow Rock (Yanzi Ji)


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North End of Heyan Lu, China, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing
Hours : 7:30am-6pm

About this place

This small scenic area in the northwest part of Nanjing was supposedly named "Swallow Rock" as its shape resembles a swallow.  It is not one of Nanjing’s most popular attractions, yet it still provides an excellent and an up-close view of the Chang Jiang (长江 - Also called Yangzi River or Yangtze River). 

The Swallow Rock is also of minor historical interest for several unrelated events.  The famous poet Li Bai once got drunk here and wrote a poem that is now displayed on the rocks.  There is also a small monument that marks this as one of the sites where citizens of Nanjing were slaughtered by the Japanese during the Nanjing Massacre.

How to Get There

- Buses 8, 122 and 125 stop at Swallow Rock.  From the bus stop walk forward and turn right.
- Take a taxi from the Maigao Qiao subway station.

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User Reviews

The Swallow Rock (Yanzi Ji) is a great place

I went to The Swallow Rock (Yanzi Ji), it`s a nice place, quite and not crowed like other attractions, with old pavilions and poems wrote by Empire Qianlong from Qing Dynasty and famous poet Li Bai from Tang Dyansty, you can feel the culture and history on every single land.

To the top, you can the Yang-tzs River, the Long River flowing from west to east, bloody impressive, and you can see people from the other side of the river taking the ferry to this side, for working, more
I should go have a look and feel it by myself.

By Ruby,

look around,the greatest view is in front of you


Never be at Swallow Rock before even i am from Nanjing, people who went there before always said it`s not that fun to go there, but  after i read this article, i am thinking maybe i should go have a look and feel it by myself.
Not famouse but still worth to go!

Eventhough Swallow Rock is not a well-know scenic, but as it can provid you Yangtze River and you can see one poem which wrote by the famous poet Li Bai.

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