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Leshan - This is what life shoud be.
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About this place

If you say, Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai are the symbolic major picture of China, I would say, walk a few more steps please, because you will find each city of China is unique, just like Leshan city, where is known as the giant Buddha.

It's not a developed city, instead, small, quite and peaceful is the perfect description of it. One thing you know about China when you stay here longer is how crowded it is, so it's quite lucky to find somewhere so comfortable and relax.

Another reason I love there is, it's my hometown, everything for me is familiar and comfortable, I can understand almost everything just take a glance of it, I love the field brought me my life, like mother.

The pictures I'm showing mostly are about the giant Buddha which took about 90 years to finish back in the Tang Dynasty the year AD 713. MIn river, Qingyi river and Dadu river gather together here, so it often caused many natural disaster in the old times, boats were flipped, people were killed, crops were destroyed. In order to stop the tragedy, a famous Zen Master decided to build this giant Buddha to create the peaceful atmosphere and stop it. Which is now what we can see, the splendid project sitting by the river and watching over all his people, somehow, it works.

Most of the attraction is the heritage of Buddha culture back to when it brought by Indian people, in the blooming times of ancient China, so all the characters are quite different than most of them we see today.

They are preserved in great conditions, if you are tried of all the rush and push in the big cities, this would be a good place for a change, enjoy your future  trip, guys!



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