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About Me

Dear Guest:

nobody likes to be treated as tourist when travelling, when I travel, I would like to go to communicate with the local people, to see the local market, to know the local life of the people, but not just go to some sightseeing places and take photos, get on the car and leave.

I am a freelance Chengdu guide. I am also a tour leader, I take Chinese tourists to other countries such as Australia,NZ. Japan, Europe, Southkorea etc, I have traveled to 22 countries . I do know what  do you need when you are travelling . I am from minority area . I  know my culture and people very well, I can provide you what exactly you want to see and know.

as a guide , I have the following characters:
knowledge, responsibility, flexible, professionalism
many of my clients find I am like an old friend here

the routines I usually guide is :
1 Chengdu Panda Base-Chengdu city explore ( Jinli Street, Wenshu Monstery etc)
2 Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha-Mt.Emei( Emeishan)-Yibin Bamboo Forest
3 Chengdu-Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Base
4 Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong

5 Chengdu National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair translator and assistant / Chengdu National Rum translator/ Chengdu Rum Interpreter/ Chengdu Rum translator 

6 Dujiangyan Panda base volunteer work. Dujiangyan Panda base holding pandas for photos . Dujiangyan Panda base keeper experience 

I have helped wineries  from Spain,  Italy , Portugal etc to do the translation/ interpreting  on  the Rum exbition held in Chengdu Exihibition yearly. I can be a businiess asisstant such as: help to find a supplier, raw material, OEM factories.   I have helped suit companies to find suppliers in Chengdu local factories.and I have helped wine factories from Europe to find customers

I can also help foreigners for Chengdu housing Rental .

beside , we provide Sichuan cooking class , home style Sichuan cooking in Chengdu.  I am a good Sichuan Cuisine cook, typical Sichuan dishes like Kung Pow Chicken, MapoTofu, etc. I know all the good restaurants in Chengdu , I believe food is a part of the local culture.

hope you could enjoy your trip with me ~

you can email me directly , this web is free for booking ,thanks for your time 

email :

phone :+ 86 186 28888686  / +86 189 8045 1929 

whatsapp: + 86 186 2888 8686 

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