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The Hong Kong Taxi 香港的士(出租车)

Hong Kong taxis have become almost as ubiquitous as London black cabs and the infamous yellow New York taxis. However the outstanding difference is these taxis are more affordable and give you way more bang for your buck. They are priced at HK $18 for the first two kilometres, and HK $1.40 for every 200 metres thereafter. There are extra charges for crossing bridges, going through tunnels and for use of the rear trunk. Taxis can be flanked down from just about anywhere and at any given time of the day. All drivers have at least basic command of English. Look out for the uniform bright red circular ’FOR HIRE’ sign in the front windows (of which souvenir copies can be found and bought in Mong Kok, should you want one for your family car as well) to know if the taxi is available for hire. Serving Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, red taxis are the most common, but green (New Territories) and blue (Lantau) taxis are available as well.