Yangshuo Yikuaiwa Beer Fish Restaurant Tours – Guangxi Province, Yangshuo, China

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Yangshuo Yikuaiwa Beer Fish Restaurant


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Huanshan Lu, Yangshuo County, China, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province

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User Reviews

Re: Yangshuo Yikuaiwa Beer Fish Restaurant

Good location for those who want to check out hustle bustle West Street. However, in term of the value of money, there's lots of better restaurant a bit away from West Street. The area where this restaurant located will be very touristy at night with all the street venders/ singers with loud microphone. Personally I prefer somewhere a bit more peaceful while eating. 
The Most and Traditional Dish in Yangshuo !

This kind of fish is really special, when they cook it they put a lot of beer and stew it, you can smell it from a far away place, don`t leave without ordering a dish of beer fish.

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