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Tips for travellers!!

Hi guys,

Have you planned your trip?

Will Vietnam be your next destination? 

Welcome to my beautiful city Ho Chi Minh! 

If you are adventurous and you would like to explore here by yourself, that's great! I share with you some tips!!!

- Airport taxi to district 1 (where most tourist should stay), the fare for the distance is around 8$ to 10$ maximum. Turn on the left from the entrance of airport (I mean international), look for the lady in traditional costume (if you come late night then maybe she's not there) . Remember to take the card from her or the person in uniform. It shows taxi number (the one in charge on driving you), it's for your safety, you can claim any lost  or bad driver to the taxi company. 

- Mai Linh and Vinasun taxi are recommended when you go around the city. 

- Your doctor normally advise not to take the ice in Vietnam, however, if you are ice lover, I share with you some tips, if they serve you the ice in round shape (like a pipe cut into small pieces), it's safe to take, won't cause you stomach pain. 

- there are so many men with green uniform on the street (look like police), NO, they are security guards who are assigned by govt that will help you when you in need such as cross the street, directions, report problems, etc. 

- Street food? Try our " Banh Trang Tron" it's rice paper which usually use to make spring roll but this food we cut it into small and mix with green mango, dried shrimp, dried pork, chili sate', peanuts, etc. Very nice taste with 50 cents.