Private Home Stay Safaris in East Africa

Image of Private Home Stay Safaris in East Africa
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Duration : 3 to 5 days
Starting Price : 800USD/Person

Tour Description

Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania (Homestay Accommodation is an option for guests and students on study abroad programs to rent a room from a local family in the country they visit. The idea is to help them learn about the local culture, lifestyle and even pick up a word or two of the local language during the stay.) Home Stay Accommodation & Experience in Kenya Home stay hosts provide accommodation facilities, hospitality, and personal service during the guests stay. There are also private homes stays built to offer exclusivity to give freedom and comfort to the visiting families. Homestay Safaris with us provide an added value for guests coming to East Africa to study, volunteer or for cultural reasons. By staying with hosts they experienced places they visited extensively, and get a deeper insight from participation in the daily lives of local people. Urban Homestays are Run by Individuals and Families who own Modern Suburban Homes. A number of Individuals and families who modern homes in the suburbs of major towns and cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu often open them for homestays. Tours operators, such as African Spice Safaris work in partnership with these homes and book guests in these homes. We takes upon the responsibility of ensuring that our guests receive warm hospitality and personal service throughout their stay in the homestays and at an affordable rate. Home Stay Cross Cultural Exchange Students on Cross Cultural Exchange program, usually stay in individual home stays in villages where they immerse themselves in the daily life and ritual of their host community and work with locals on projects chosen by community leaders. The students eat local foods, sleep in a local rural homestead, herd cattle, use oxen plough, ride bicycles, and attend market days and other village chores. Some teach in rural schools where there is acute shortage of teachers; others build community centers for recreation or business. While doing all these they find time to visit wildlife sanctuaries, National Reserve and National Park of East Africa.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Private Home Stay Safaris in East Africa Image of Private Home Stay Safaris in East Africa

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