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HK and Macao visit

I have been to HK many times but most of them for business trip only.
So I took one chance to go travelling only for HK and Macao which are mystery places for most Chinese people because these two places belong to China but Chinese need visa to go visiting there and each year our visa allows us to go HK twice and Macao once. This is very unbelievable system because Chinese need visa to go China country.
I took trip with travel agency this time and stay in HK two days and one day in Macao.
All our trips are very tight because the guide arranged the schedule for us like how long to go Huang Da Xian Temple,how long for lunch,how long for Ocean Park etc. So we do not have enough time to enjoy too much even some nice places which we like. So first day we went to few places like Huang Da Xian Temple,Ocean Park, Tai Ping Mountain etc for visit and the tour guide was telling us all way how high the living expense in HK.
The next day whole day they took us to all certain different shopping places and push us to buy stuff. The guide will be very unhappy and show black face if you do not buy anything from those shops because they can also make money if we buy from the shops.So it was quite tired and unhappy day because we are pushed to be a buyer no matter what case you have. Only in the night we went to take boat of Victoria Harbour which were the most enjoyable part of that day. We were very tired after getting back to hotel because feel tensed whole day
The most memorable day was the day we went to visit Macao. We got up at 4am and met in hotel lobby by 5am,then take the bus going to take the boat to Macao,spend lots of time line up and get the tickets etc,so finally we arrived Macao by about 9am. The boat was very big and it had the most beautiful sea view I have seen in life. When arriving Macao,we found the weather was very impressive too because it was so changeable and heavy raining all whole day but it had cool weather when came to night. We visited few places in day time and it was all small tourist places like Ma Zhu Temple…The most amazing and enjoyable part was happening in the night because night gambling life was really good there and all building looks magnificent.
We went to one biggest gambling places,the sky are artificial made which spent more than billions to make that.And it looked so beautiful everywhere which have restaurant,hotel,shops etc everywhere,just like another world. I have been to South Africa which are similar but not big as this.
So we enjoyed the moments in the Casino but because time is too short,we even did not have chance to try any gambling to see if we are lucky or not which is quite pity
However,we liked this place and I was hoping to go there again for travelling by myself!
Anyone want to go? You can contact me and we can go together for the trip.