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My Life as an Interpreter and Tour Guide for the Very First Time

It was my great honor to be their company.

Back then(Dec. 18th, 2012) I was just a college girl who was longing for more communication with people from all over the world!

They were here to Shenzhen for a business meeting. And it was the very first time that they've come to China.

They were doing smartcards business and searching for different suppliers in China.

What impressed me most during the meeting was their non-stop curiosity about the two Buddhas in the front of the factory they were visiting. They even asked me to take a photo with the statue.

And that's when they learnt this was for wishing for the best luck for thriving business as much as the elephant, lion, bull and other propitious animals in the front gate of a bank or some governmental institutions.

After this two-day trip, they were about to take a flight from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Shanghai for Christmas, where they were supposed to meet their other friends.

So I was able to show them a long way from Shenzhen to Guangzhou. Along this trip, they were excited to get to enjoy the speed of Chinese high-speed rail connecting Guangzhou and Shenzhen and the underground running in Guangzhou.

It was so good to look at their faces with full satisfaction and appreciation.

A perfect trip for my first experience as an interpreter and tour guide!