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But its not just surfing. Baler is known to be the capital of Aurora, a province named after the beloved wife of Philippine Commonwealth President, Manuel L. Quezon. And is only reachable by land, 6hours drive using NLEX and SCTEX on the north. 

Surf. Surf. Surf. 

Main goal of a tourist visiting Baler. Since the town is identified as one of the best surfing destination in the country with its 6 to 9 feet waves attracting tourist aroung the world. Asian Surfer Championship is a yearly event held in Baler for surfers. 

Non-surfers need not to worry. Licensed surf instructor are in the shoreline willing to teach and guide u for an hour. 

Reminiscing the Past

Too tired of surfing? Then feed up your mind with the Past. Baler also houses some of the historical sites: Quezon Park, Baler Museum, Baler Sign, Baler Church, Dona Aurora's Ancestral House and take a look at the Presidential Car, a 1936 Chysler Limousine entitled for President Quezon but was used by Gen. Douglas McArthur. 

Be a Nature Lover in Baler. Explore. 

Baler is also famous for its Millenium Balete Tree- a 600 yrs old tree,considered the oldest balete in Asia and would be needing 60 men to encircle the trunks. You may also go up to Ermita Hill, a designated area in times of tsunami or typhoon surge. Just take a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and Bay of Baler in its plateau and Shout your heart out. While the Hanging Bridge in Brgy. Zabali will ease your stress through its sea breeze. Blue sky matches the inviting blue clear sea that is so refreshing not only for those who wanted to swim but for those who just wanted to sit on the bridge and memorize its beauty. Lastly, dip yourself into the cool water of Ditumabo Falls also know as the Mother Falls. After trekking of 45minutes or more, its majestic pouring water on your shoulder will relax your heart and mind. 

Baler is absolutely a one-stop-shop for travellers.