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Wearing Thanaka and Myanmar Society!
  • Myanmar women have been using Thanaka for 2000 years ago. Its botanical name is Limonia Acidissima. Even boys use it on their skin. It is ground on a special grinding stone;    a raised circular center with a groove all around it. With a little water, Thanaka wood is slowly ground. The paste is collected in the groove. It is applied to the skin all over the body especially the exposed parts.
  •  It protects the skin from infection, ultra violet rays and at the same time it makes the skin smooth and less oily. It adds fragrance and beauty to the skin. Thanaka is a cosmetic for a Myanmar women whoever her age is 5 or 85.
  •   Thanaka plant can grow in any dry climate, the drier the better. In fertile areas it blooms and fruits in 4 years. It flowers in Apirl/May and fruits ripen in Augest/ Sep. Its wood is also used of combs, ladle, beads and boxes, etc..