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Wenhua Street


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Jianshe Road, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming

About this place

Wenhua Street is the Foreigners` Street in Kunming. There are some good restautant here. You can taste Japanese cooking, Korean cuisine and absolutely all kinds of local delicacies of Yunnan. You can not only have your meal here, but also do some shopping. And there are many foreigners here. Some of them have been in Kunming for more than one year. They will give you some good advice about how to enjoy the days in Kunming. You can spend a whole afternoon here, chatting and relaxing. For there are some good cafés and bars here. Life is easy here.

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Re: Wenhua Street

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Culture Kunming Lane is a very famous and popular alleys. Form its great reputation, popularity of the reasons, perhaps because it's "Chronicles" now!
First, many students are teachers.
Secondly, it is a small restaurant and shops selling fashionable clothes and more.
Third, passing pedestrians and cars and more.
Re: Wenhua Street

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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It  is the famous place to  eat delicious Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Thailand cuisine in Kunming.
a unique commercial street

By Beijing China Guide Terry,

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with the local feature apartment around.it's a ideal place for the tourist to enjoy the meal while shopping in the fantastic sunny afternoon.
Re: Wenhua Street

Nice place to check out,  I remember I spent two afternoon there out of my three days trip, quite relaxing and enjoyable.

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