Guandu Ancient Town Tours – Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

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Guandu Ancient Town


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Luofeng village in the southeast of Kunming, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : the whole day

About this place

Located in the southeast of Kunming, Guandu Ancient town is not only a famous old town in Kunming,but also one of the birthplaces of Dian culture,which  can be traced back to the Tang dynasty(the Nanzhao  Kingdom period).

Beautiful scenery and delicious food have attracted lots of visitors from domestic and overseas .If you got some free time to stay in Kunming,go to have a look.It is worth spending a leisurely day in the beautiful town.

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Suitable for tourism throughout the year, the best time to travel in 3 to 10 months, which is the largest ethnic minority in Yunnan holiday time, but also fruits, flowers up to the season.
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Haha, put the biscuits on the bamboo flat baskets. So typical Chinese! Funny.
But looks nice, made me feel hungry. I want to eat these biscuits. But I don't know they are sweet or salty.

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