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African Jungle Trekker

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21st century travel is unique,the mass tourism cycle seems to be fading.mant tourists prefer not much organised tours as the lalter ones did.information is alover the internet now and on socila media,so no one is stranded about information anymore.the tourist also seem eager just to do a quick tour and be out of the destination very fast.tourist are not staying for very long in destination.

The motivation factors for travel have also changed much,trends cultural shifts worldwide has influenced travel people are travelling more for new activities,the old trends seem to be less performing.many young people/tourists are travelling for business,conservation and volunteering.sustable tourism is seen a marketing tool but also a conservation idea for most people especially travellers.

African tourism is also having  a bit of change in terms of purchase and product consumption.many tourists prefer conservation and sustainable tourism,conference tourism is also gaining spend in africa.the normal safari still hold though,because africa remains the best in the big five world wide.

Africa culture is another product which is starting to gain more appeal to the outside world the food is doing well and more people who are coming to africa want to taste the delicacious of the local people.village tourism which is under culture also plays a big role in ensuring that tourists do village tours.many tourists want to get the real feeling of how to live like the hosts or local people do or live in homestays.

The continent is known for its fertile lands for agricluture.many tourists also travel for agri-tourism business.the exchange of ideas on agriculture is really a key and fundamental tourism market in tourism.