Hulunbuir Grasslands Tours – Hulunbeir, Inner Mongolia, China

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Hulunbuir Grasslands

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Hulunbuir city, inner Mongolia , China, Inner Mongolia, Hulunbeir
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About this place

Located in the north-east of Inner Mongolia and named after Hulun Lake and Buir Lake, Hulunbuir Grassland is one of the three famous grasslands in the world with an elevation of between 650 and 700 meters, an area of about 100,000 square meters and natural grassland coverage of 80%.

The Purest Grassland

A vast region with beautiful scenery, lush plants, over 3,000 crisscrossed rivers and 500 lakes dotted around, Hulun Buir Prairie is like a huge green picture scroll, which gives you boundless views. It is the most well preserved grassland at present in China and has more than 120 kinds of pasture such as stipa, alfalfa and wheat grass, hence being known as "The Grass Kingdom".

As the most plentiful and excellent pastures in China, it also holds the name "The Purest Prairie" since there is hardly any pollution there. Produce like meat, milk, leather, wool and other animal products are favored by people from both domestic and foreign countries. It’s the place where Genghis Khan was born and is also a famous tourist resort.

Under the nutriment of thousands of rivers, the prairie presents itself underneath the blue sky and white clouds, with green grass, warblers, and flocks and herds all around the prairie. You can ride on camels and horses, watch wrestling and horse racing, eat the ‘lamb feast’  which has a ‘grassland’ flavor, as well as enjoying a good bonfire in the evening; the unique lifestyle of nomads can be indulged.

There is a beautiful legend about how the name Hulun Buir came to be. Once upon a time, a brave Mongolian tribe had a couple whose girl, named Hulun, was good at singing and dancing and was endowed with both beauty and talent, while the boy, called Buir 贝尔, was extremely strong and was talented in riding and shooting. They fought against the demon for love and the safety of the prairie,and the girl turned into a lake and drowned the demon, while the boy jumped into the lake for the girl, thus came the two lakes of Hulun and Buir..

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By Judy Dong - Encounter China Tours,

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