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HCM Agricultural Villages
Lang Rau Sach Cu Chi


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Tran Van Tram ,Phuoc Vinh An ,Cu Chi , Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Hours : 6:00am -6:00pm

About this place

HCM Agricultural Villages is a village with an area of over 150,000 square meters, located on the dirt roads of Cu Chi Province distance from Ho Chi Minh City about 35 km
Where full convergence of the culinary culture of the Cu Chi people in particular and the food culture of Vietnam in general .Specially where visitors can not hear noisy from Vehicle But they will hear the sound from Cow ,Buffalo and many Birds sing a song in Our Villages with  the following special Places
Regional wandering cattle
Cu Chi is famous for its cattle. Here visitors will see herds of wandering cows on the field, understand more about hard Life of Local People but friendly and honestly
Regional buffalo plowing
Although science and technique are development. But Local people still keep the tradition of the ancestors. Buffalos are plowing on the fields. Here visitors will better understand the proverbs of my fathers "Buffalo buffalo oh I say this / out field buffalo buffalo plow with us / plow is the rural / buffalo mine there, who would take over ...".
Regional rice
Visitors will discover and better understand the process of rice cultivation by local people
Area planted vegetables, mushrooms, fruit and herbs
Visitors will visit and discover vegetable garden, mushrooms, fruits and herbs with an area of over 15,000 square meters. Understand more about the process of growing vegetables, mushroom cultivation method, to explore strange new fruits and special understanding how to use of herbs for health and processing methods into their daily food
Not only that visitors will become Real Famers on Vietnamese Traditional Hat and Bamboo Basket with Scissors to Pick up Vegetables, Mushrooms, Fruits and Herbs on the Garden to use For Cooking with Professional Chef
Fish, prawn lake areas and Activities from Chicken and Duck
Where the Visitor will see some lovely prawn, fish on the lake and many activities from Chicken and Duck on Rice Fields
Birds sing a song and working to find insect in our Villages
Starting from 6 am – 9pm where visitors can hear a great sound from the birds sing a song and working hard to find insect in our villages
Activities from Local People
Starting from 5am to 6pm everyday where visitors can see many activities from local people in our Villages and join with them if they want such as feeding the cow, picking up vegetables such as cucumber, okra, bitter melon, squash ,white radish ….

Regional teaching cooking class and restaurants
With an area of over 200 square meters with a capacity of over 200 guests for cooking class and 300 guests for Restaurant is the guide for visitors nutritious food processing after tourists picking raw materials in the garden
With Our Professional Chef .Visitors will have great opportunities to understand the basic ways to complex ways about Vietnamese Food in Particular and the world of Food in General with Great Cooking Tip .To makes the food extremely healthier and delicious Then Enjoy what they have done with Nice surprise desserts and Great Certificate, Recipes and souvenirs from HCM cooking class

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