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Let me Guide your Iran Tours though exciting land

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Walking tour in Shiraz's bazaar-e vakil

Iran tourist attractions are serene, historic and one cant deny to visit while travel to Iran, If you are in Shiraz then it is pleasant to take a walking tour to visit Zand Complex r where several historic highlights can be visited. Recently

Arg-e-Karimkhany (Karimkhan Citadel)

Whether you are traveling to Iran on your own or if you are a part of  a group tours to Iran,  you rarely see such a scene that an old citadel of this size and quality stands in the center of the city. At the North East of Sharhrdary Sq, this citadel is located totally constructed with bricks having bastions at all its corners. This used to be the residence and governing center during Karimkhan era.

I can say it used to be something like presidential palace. Of course, the fortified appearance of this structure would rightly remind you of strongholds, castles and even prisons. This is what it was for some time too. There’s only one entrance from the Eastern side with some glazed tiles on top of the entrance with some mythical painting depicting Iranian protagonist character, Rostam.