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Northeast Younger

Younger working people in the north -east is the art of the long-term accumulation of wealth creation , which originated in planting plow working life , and the ancient god of agriculture , and pray for a good harvest , when praying limitless disaster singing carols , asserting song about , and in the development process farmers will continue to assimilate the song , Ling songs, folk martial arts, acrobatics and drama techniques and forms , and thus the development of the general masses today Younger loved singing a folk song and dance .
Northeast Younger form of humor , unique style , the vast black soil gives it simple and bold spirituality and customs, financial pungent , humor , quiet, athletic one, the people of the Northeast enthusiasm rustic character traits of firmness and flexibility sway of the head. Steady waves, waves Terrier , Terrier in Alice , step on board , twist at the waist , is the most important feature of the Northeast Younger . Meanwhile, the great variety of " hands flowers" , fast-paced flexible drums, the main speaker , pretty , quiet , steady, rhythmic beauty , are characteristic of the Northeast Younger .
Northeast Younger Son and jumping stilts subdivision categories. Younger son , also known to be jumped , spread wider surface ; stilts prevalent in southern Liaoning , especially Yingkou ( large stone ) , Haicheng and cover County area . Say that there is a certain place when transplanting paddy farmers singing Tian Ge , called the Younger .
Younger beat seedling plow originated in working life , the ancient god of agriculture and also to pray for a good harvest , throw into confusion when analyzing Fu Yan Song sung by the disaster , inlaid song about , and continue to absorb in the development process of agricultural songs , English songs, folk martial arts , skills and forms of acrobatics and drama , so from the usual singing folk songs and dances developed into Younger . To the Qing Dynasty , Younger has been widely circulated throughout the country .