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The History of Guangzhou

For many foreign tourists, Guangzhou is a modern city, so modern that many of them think it is a culture dessert. However, Guangzhou is a city with a history of over 2,000 years.  Back in 214 BC, the first emperor  took over Guangzhou and set it as a state called Pan Yu. The name Pan Yu came from the two little hills which were located in downtown near Beijing Road but have been removed. One was called Pan and another was called Yu. About 10 years later, the state government claimed independence and formed a country called Nan Yue. The nation covered Canton, Hunan, Fujian, Guangxi, and part of the Vietnam. After 93 years and 5 generations of governance, the kingdom was turned down. And for all the following dynasty, Canton has never be independent. 

Guangzhou is the most dynamic, diverse, and compatible city in China. During the 2000 years, GZ has been the world trading center. The Silk Road started from GZ, and 2000 years ago. This is proved by the fact that many Archeological Finds in GZ has obvious Persian  trails. Even till now, GZ is still a world leading market places with hundreds and thousands kinds of good being sold to 200 countries in the world. 

Early 1840s, British invaded GZ and since then a book about how GZ people protected their homeland was uncovered. Wars, protests,and all kind of movements become an enormous driving force for the city development. The tradition remains and GZ has been rated the city with most speech freedom among all cities in China. 

Born and raised in this city, i gave it endless love from the bottom of my heart.