Xizhou Old town Tours – Dali, Yunnan Province, China

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Xizhou Old town


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Xizhou old town, 32km north of Xiaguan city, China, Yunnan Province, Dali

About this place

Xizhou town is Located at the northern end of the Dali,  32 kilometers from the downtown of Xiaguang.  it is the home of the famous movie" five golden flowers ", It is also a famous historical and cultural town in yunnan province with a total population of 63275 people, 85% of them are Bai people. the town is on the  foot of cangshan mountain,  the forest area size is about 12480 acres, including Chinese fir trees and other varieties.   in  the gentle slope of cangshan moutain ,the climate is suitable for growing different  kinds of tea. 

Xizhou is famous both in culture and architecture, It has a long history of  the handicraft is and commodity trade.  xizhou town was the center of Politic,  economy, culture of Bai people in the ancient time,It is the cradle of Bai commercial and industrial development. early in Qing dynasty of Guangxu years(AD1875-AD1908), "xizhou business group" was formed, so Xizhou was one of the birthplace of Bai people's national capitalism.     there are many national, provincial, municipal cultural relics protection units. the local-style dwelling houses building is unique, and xizhou town has  very unique architecture construction:   a large number ancient architecture of Ming and qing dynasty and  the republic of China .  all of them has  a very high historical and cultural value which has been published by the state council as the national key cultural relics protection units,  it attracts many tourists at home and abroad.  

So if tourists want to know more about Bai people and their culture, they have to start with the understanding of Xizhou town.


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