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Kunming Huating Monastery

                                                    Kunming Huating  Monastery

Turing south from Gaoqiao,a bus of 2.5 kolometers along the road brings you to Huating Monastery,one of the oldest and largest Buddhist complexes in Kunming.Before it was built,a villa was set up at very site by Gao Zhishen,a high-ranking official of Dali Kindom,who was made in 1063 a marquis with the power to rule over the Kunming area,Huating,also the name of the mountain,was given by Gao'sdescendants,and it has been in use ever since.

In the autumn of 1320,Yuan Feng,a famous local Buddhist monk,built a temple kown Yuanjuesi temple,and in 1339,a copy of "Ta-ts'ang Ching"(Collection of Busshist Scriptures)was brought back by him from the south of the lower reaches of Yangtsze River.Run rainstakingly by Yuan Feng for yhe ensuing 20 years,Yuanjuesi Temple then became a grand Buddhist shrine.It was enlarged in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.In 1857, the temple became silapidated in the turmoil of war.In 1883,it was renovated.The present temple was rebult in 1920 by Xu Yun,an eminent Buddhist monk from Hunman.Its name was then changed to Jingguo YunqiDhyana Monastery,but the local people still habitually calll it Huatingsi Monastery.The chof the ringing bell,resounding out of the three -stired tower built by Xu Yun at the gate,add  amysterous touch to the secluded atmosphere of the place,The bell tower and pond for setting free.

Behind the hall of Heabenly Kings is two -tiered countyard decorated with a Bridge,stone tables and chairs,as well as flowers such as yew podecarpus,gingko,camellia,mogolia,plim and is nice place for visitors to have a rest.

The main hall,bearing the name of majestic Hall for great Siddhartha, is in the rear of countyard.It contains a trinity Buddhas,namely.Sakyamun,Buddha of Saha World,Medicine Buddha,Buddha of Eastern G;azed World,Amitabha,Buddhaof western Paradise.seated on a lotus throne,each statue is over 5.3 meters high.The side walls are covered with an array of clay statues if 500ashats(holy men ,disciples of lord buddha0,a superh artistic amalgamation of Indian Buddhism and Chinese myth.