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What can be a professional sourcing agent in China

First . Five-year sourcing experience helps you get the best product with best price!

Giant database for the supplier saves your time. We target at two chain of suppliers. One is from many large-scaled fairs and one from the local centralized origin of different products in different cities. With the data, the product of good quality with competitive price can be obtained in short time..

Second, We know how to deal with the supplier in China .

Specialized supervision protects you from loss by supplier’s unnecessary mistakes. In China, many small and medium manufacturers promise you anything but may fail to fulfil it after the payment of deposit. For example, the lack of stock of material is always their excuse. They may ignore the quality of the product or delay the delivery date, which will bring you a great loss. Therefore, with us, you don’t need to worry about that any more. It is our duty to deal with the suppliers. It is our duty to control the quality for you. It is our duty to supervise the details such as package, deposit, the process of production, delivery time and so on. Any details will not be missed under our control. we Morefar Trading located in Guangzhou

Third, flexible and customized proposal of transportation makes you relieved.

The way of transportation can be different according to different requirements from different clients. For the clients who deal in fashions, they need to update the style of the products frequently. So the fast transportation like air freight is a good choice. Basing on this, we provide the economical proposal for transportation as well according to the weight and dimension of the goods. For instance, we suggest air freight, express delivery, LCL(Less Container Loading or Sharing Container), FCL(Full Container Loading) or train freight to European countries. For southeastern countries, DDP of special line of ocean shipping is a good way. More importantly, for the goods which carry battery,or are fragile or expensive, we are responsible for providing you with perfect proposal of safety and suitable transportation.

Last but not least, good price for service helps both of us get mutual benefit.

We all know that business comes from profits. You pay a great amount of money for service and make your products less competitive. That’s definitely not what we want. Our target price is flexible and negotiable. Lowing the cost for the clients and making their products best seller are what we pursue. That’s win-win policy for good business. Hope this is also what you want!

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