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Datong Museum


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About this place

Datong  Mouseum is a comprehensive museum majoring, affiliated to the administration bureau of datong city. We set up in 1958, officially opened in 1959, said datong city cultural relics exhibition, in 1963 changed its name to datong city museum. After more than half a century history of the ups and downs, continue to grow stronger. Existing museum collection more than seventy thousand, is one of the biggest hill areas in northern shanxi museum, museum of the secondary to the nation. Municipal party committee, municipal government in 2008 decided to imperial east new district construction of a modern museum. Construction began on May 18, 2010, a total investment of 490 million yuan, covers an area of 51556 square meters, building area of 32821 square meters. Points, three layers of the earth, the underground layer local sandwich. Contain cultural relics exhibition area, public service, multi-function hall, reservoir area and office area. After more than four years elaborate design and construction, has been fully completed, reception of the quartet guests. Datong city museum was designed by the famous Chinese architectural design master Mr Cui Kai. The whole building design tries to through the different buildings rise to typical dynamic characterization of the space, the history and culture is blended in among them, in datong boldly absorb datong terrain, yungang grottoes in datong volcanic group, the dragon wall culture and cultural elements of space evolution. Architectural modeling like is about to take off the dragon, presages a liuzhou, datong, and profound culture, into a long teng hu yue of winning.

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