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Chinese Fireworks Museum


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Ludong Village, Dayao Town, Liuyang , Liuyang, Hunan Province, China

About this place

Liuyang flower gun, the world, the number of fireworks liuyang. The first firecracker was invented by li tian, the founder of the fireworks, which has been used to promote the culture of fireworks in addition to the magic. In the background of liuyang's splendid culture, the Chinese fireworks culture is the most colorful one, and the Chinese fireworks culture museum is also built.

Chinese fireworks culture museum, built on the original Li Tiange sites, the tang-style buildings, the blue brick flies in the eaves tile, flow painting house, impressive. , antique is still exist in the original cabinet at the front door, the pavilion is divided into four most: "tour one thousand", "traditional" and "modern science and technology", "brilliant achievements" liuyang fireworks origin, change, development and prosperity of a history of more than 1400 years. The museum collection of firecrackers printing plate in the early Ming and qing dynasties, trolleys, etc more than 100 objects, displaying more than 200 pictures of different periods, and since the beginning of the show this long and complicated, glorious and splendid history. Chinese fireworks culture museum is the museum of the first village, enjoy the "China fireworks first house" reputation, it opened a magnetic rely on new mode of village power, the establishment of the museum, created the building time is short, high collecting historical materials, architectural taste of building library miracle.

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