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Splendid China and China folk culture village

Splendid China and China folk culture village is Shenzhen Splendid China Development Company Limited under the two major scenic spots, is convenient for tourists and management, already in 2003 new year's day two garden syncretic, only need a ticket to watch the two park. The attraction is to travel to Shenzhen will play the tourist attractions, it is financial participation, ornamental, entertaining and interesting in one, is the world's largest modern Chinese culture theme park, by the National Tourism Bureau as the opening theme parks beginning of.Splendid China miniature scenic spot is a green world, the world of flowers, beautiful world, is China 's history, culture, tourism window window window. Five one, eleven, summer, Spring Festival every year, splendid China and China Folk Culture Village area two will launch a series of large-scale festival, held in August seven Dai" Songkran" becomes the Chinese and foreign tourists favorite activities. Various ethnic characteristics, lively auspicious festival atmosphere, rich and profound cultural background, has become a beautiful landscape, scenic area." Overview of 5000 years of culture, blend in eighty thousand customs", China Folk Culture Village contains 21Chinese minority nationalities in 24 villages, according to 1:1 ratio is built, have" Chinese Folk Museum ", folk culture village renowned throughout China national costumes, ethnic, national architecture and folk art style. Area ethnic customs performance unique charm, enthusiasm to participate in the project adventure; large show" generation"," Oriental costume"," dragon and phoenix dance the" bringing shock while, also let a person get the enjoyment of art.Splendid China miniature landscape, China Folk Culture Village two major theme parks in Shenzhen are two bright pearl. Two scenic spots to create China theme park of precedent, fame both at home and abroad, has received about 50000000 foreign tourists all over the world, including the heads of state and government, international celebrities hundreds of people.