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Longsenyuan Hotpot

This is one of the best taste hotpots in Chengdu, nice decoration like what it taste. There're many choice with spicy or non-spicy. What's most important thing is, they have the English menu with pics, so "what you see is what you can get", very easy. And the servant can speak good English too to make the order much easier. Here is the reservation no.:+86 28 86155158.

Here is the information for each pics as follows:

1 The entrance of this hotpot restaurant, it's better to make reservation in the evening, Cause many locals also like to eat here.

2 There're many type of pot for you to choose, some spicy, some half spicy, some medicinal, etc.

3 Half spicy pot.

4 Sheep

5 dishes are very easy cooked.

6 Happy time is not so hard to get, cheers!

7 After meal, have some dessert like Red sugar stiky rice cake.

8 Take a walk in the beautiful old street with a nice view.