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Shanghai Traffic

                                                                                  Shanghai Traffic


As we all know, Shanghai's area is one sixth of Beijing, and it's population is 6 times that of Beijing. Beijing's traffic is the most busy traffic in the whole China, you may feel strange why it's like this, i must made a mistake, but it's a fact, let me explain the reason to you.

Shanghai has a very well planned traffic net. There are 3 ring roads, inner ring road, middle ring road and outer ring road, with 2 elevated roads intersecting in the middle of inner ring road, the shape of which likes a Chinese character "申“ , which is the short name of Shanghai. And there are a lot of high ways connected Shanghai to other provinces. Besides the main roads, there are 16000 of buses and 16 metro lines, which connect every corner of Shanghai, to form a close-knit traffic net. 

Before 1990, Shanghai people useed ferry to cross Huangpu River, which is the Mother River of Shanghai, there was no bridge stride over Huangpu River. After 1991, Shanghai government built more than 30 bridges and tunnels up and beneath the Huangpu River, which made the traffic between Pudong and Puxi very smooth and easy.

There is one more thing i have to mention that Shanghai has the only Maglev Trian in the world, whose speed can be up to 430 km/h, it presents the high end science technology  applied in civil traffic area.

Now you know something about Shanghai traffic and know why it's traffic is better than Beijing, maybe it's the best traffic situation in China. If you want to witness what i say, please come to visit Shanghai, i am sure you will love this city!