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Beijing Badachu ParkⅡ

Badachu Park has a desirable climate which is cool in summer and warm in winter. More than 97 percent of the mountains are covered with trees. Among the arbour trees are 400,000 plants of more than 80 species and among the rare ancient trees are 590 plants in 18 species. Some trees, such as the bark pines in Chang'an Temple, the maidenhair trees in Dabei Temple and the Pistacia Chinensis in Zhengguo Temple are over 600 years old and are full-grown and still in good shape. After 1949, especially during the last ten years, historical relics were embellished and protected and the appearance of the park was changed greatly. The Park has now become one of the favourite resorts in the city's outskirts. In early spring and late autumn many visitors throng to see the charming Mountain Views.