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Jingshan Hill Park


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No. 44 West Street, Xicheng District,, China, Beijing
Hours : 06:30-21:0

About this place

Jingshan Park is located in the center of Beijing's north-south axis on, South according to the Forbidden City, West rely on sea, north of Gulou distantly faces, was the highest point of the city center in Peking. Jingshan is yuan, Ming and Qing after the third generation of the palace court, had several name changes: Castle Peak, long live the hill, Zhen Shan, Jingshan, folk also has called for Meishan.1928 opened in, 1957 was set for the Beijing municipal key cultural relics protection units, 2001 is listed as national heritage conservation units, was designated as national 4A level scenic spots, 2005 was rated as Beijing "boutique Park".Towering old trees in Jingshan Park, mountain Duxiu, towering temples, peony varieties and different and rich cultural activities. Row mountain five kiosks, center Chunting million is located on the central axis of Beijing city the commanding heights, enjoy the day location, boarding, overlooking the panoramic view of the Forbidden City, Beijing axis list, a taste of neat symmetrical layout charm, read the magnificent palace building products. There was certain, the Qing emperor worship memorial is an important place, save the hall of imperial longevity, view de temple, loyal temple Huguo, Yee watchtower and other cultural relics exudes a strong flavor of progenitor on the root is to inherit and carry forward the Chinese filial piety culture of the holy land.

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