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Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant


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Number 11 of north Fengxiang Hutong Qianmen east street, Dongcheng District, Beijing., China, Beijing
Hours : 9:00am-10;00pm

About this place

Around 1992, former cook Zhang liqun from Quanjude Roast  Duck Restaurant opened his own duck restaurant at his home,  a small and age old courtyard located t in north Fengxiang Hutong at Qianmen.  The business was booming since some foreign travelers had tasted the duck here and  wrote his restaurant into a popular travel book (<< lonely planet>>) / magazine ( <<National Geographic>> ...

Many celebrities and  ambassadors came to the restaurant, you could see their photos with the boss on the wall. And the duck is very tasty despite the shabby house and pitiful services. Take a walk in the surrounding Hutongs is quite a experience, the old houses are going to be knocked down soon...

The duck is 228 yuan  for one, came with 2 plates of meat.  In the evening, The place is very busy, You can only call to book the duck, but not the table.  



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By Julia Zhu,

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A very secluded Hutong restaurant with local food and roast duck, suitable for those who want to experience local lifes.
Re: Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant

By Beijing China Guide Terry,

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The restaurant dishes tempting overall Wobble elegant style , people kind of feel at home .

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