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Food tips in Shanghai

Food tips in Shanghai
1. How to enjoy a xiaolongbao?
When the dumplings are served, get a saucer and add some vinegar and tender ginger slices. Gently move a dumpling into the saucer with your chopsticks. Take a small bit at the skin first, slowly sip the sauce and then enjoy the entire dumpling.
2. What is the best way to enjoy a crab?
Crab roe is the essence of a crab and hard crab feet are the symbol of delicacy. Crab is best with rice wine. Try to add some fresh sweet-scented osmanthus when warming the wine, it will surprise you.
3. What are the four elements of breakfast in Shanghai?
They are Shanghai Pancake, Chinese Donut, Sticky Rice and Soybean Milk.
4. What to bring to your friends?
White Rabbit Candy, Spiced Beans, Pear Sugar and many more products are the icons of Shanghai.