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Last updated: Oct 23, 2011  First posted: Feb 10, 2009Transportation in Shenzhen
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There are several entry points to Hong Kong in Shenzhen. The most useful to visitors are Luohu , Huanggang and Shenzhen Bay border checkpoints, and Shekuo port. 
From the Airport:
To get to Hong Kong from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport please refer to To and From the Airport.
From Luohu District:
Luohu Border Checkpoint 罗湖口岸
Open 6:30am –12:00am
Luohu is the busiest of all the border checkpointss between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. After passing through Hong Kong immigration and customs you will find yourself in Lo Wu station on the KCR line. The KCR runs at 3 to 8 minute intervals through the New Territories to East Tsimshatsui station in Kowloon. It is possible to make bus connections to the airport and MTR connections to other destinations in Hong Kong from the KCR. For more information go to the tourist information desk at Lo Wu station. It’s on the left after you pass through customs.
How to get there:
Luohu border checkpoint is situated at the junction of Jianshe, Heping and Renmin South Roads in Luohu District. Shenzhen Train Station, Luohu Bus Station and Luo Hu metro station all converge here.
From Futian District:
Huanggang Border Crossing 皇岗口岸
Open 24 Hours
Huanggang is a 24-hour road crossing. It is useful if you want to enter Hong Kong from Futian District or after midnight. Buses to other destinations in Hong Kong are available on the other side.
How to get there
Huanggang is in Futian District. A huge number of buses stop here including nos. 26, 202, 203 and 212. The Huanggang metro stop is currently under construction.
From Nanshan:
Shenzhen Bay Border Checkpoint 深圳湾口岸
Open: 6am - 11:30pm
 If you live in Nanshan and travel frequently to Hong Kong, this new crossing is the best thing since sliced bread. Unlike Huanggang, both side’s immigration checkpoints are under one roof, which is in a building on the Shekou side of Shenzhen Bay. There are direct buses to Jordan and city buses to the New Territories, where you can pick up the Western KCR to connect with the MTR and get downtown.
Note that the tickets for buses directly downtown need to be bought on the Shenzhen side before passing through immigration. They have a desk at the door.
The Shenzhen Bay Border Checkpoint is connected to Hong Kong by a 5.5km bridge. The infrastructure surrounding the checkpoint is also brand new and designed to handle an expected capacity of 60, 000 people a day. So far, it’s nowhere near that level and getting through is quick and painless.
How to get there
The Shenzhen Bay Border Checkpoint is in the northern part of Shekou. There are buses from the airport and the Nanhai Hotel near the Shekou Port Passenger Terminus. New bus links to it are increasing gradually.
Shekou Port Passenger Terminus 蛇口港客运站
Open 7:45am – 8:15pm
Ferries sail to Kowloon, the Hong Kong/Macau Ferry Terminal and Hong Kong International Airport. Passengers to Hong Kong Airport can check there luggage in at the ferry terminus.
To Kowloon and Hong Kong/Macau Ferry Terminal:
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Economy RMB115-135
            First Class RMB155-180
To Hong Kong International Airport:
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: Economy RMB240
            First Class RMB270


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