China Power Valley Tours – Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China

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China Power Valley


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Xianyuehuan road, tianyuan district, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China, Hunan Province, Zhuzhou
Hours : 12am - 12am

About this place

China Power Valley is situated in Zhuzhou, a city in the south China Hunan province.

A series of core technology from Zhuzhou like China's first commercial operation of the medium and low speed maglev train, China's first fully self-developed, advanced turboshaft engine-"Yulong" with intellectual property rights and China's first 8 inch IGBT professional chip production line, have filled the gap in our country.

A lot of products from Zhuzhou like the world's first Autonomous Rail Transit (ART), the world's largest power electric locomotive and the world's first battery electric locomotive, have topped world market.

In recent years, Zhuzhou further promote the construction of China’s power valley. It becomes again the focus of the world with its innovative capability.

There are three meanings on the definition of China’s Power Valley:‘China’ stands for the quality level of the state;‘Power’ represents industrial features;and valley refers to the ecological environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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