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Haba snow mountain facts &transportation informs

Haba snow mountain ,5396 meters above sea level is the southern most holy snow mountain possible to climb anywhere in Asia and Europe .the Andes in the south America and Kilimanjaro in African are both closer to the equator ,the Jade dragon snow mountain in Lijiang  are only couple of kilometers away from south part of  Haba , Jade dragon are define as the southern most glacier in whole Asia and in the eyes of Naxi the forbidden mountain to climb in the past are now open for tourism which is a shame .Naxi is the native ethnic group live mainly in Lijiang .

How to get there  take a bus from Kunming or Dali or lijiang towards Zhongdian ,get off in  Qiaotou which is the entrance town  of the Tiger leaping gorge ,in Qiaotou find a taxi that can take you to Haba village .