Shao Lin Temple Tours – Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

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It's my pleasure to be your guide and your next minority friend.

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Shao Lin Temple


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dengfeng city ,henan provence, China, Henan Province, Zhengzhou
Hours : 8:00am-20:00pm

About this place

   Dear friends, it is my honor to be your tour guide and i believe you will have an unforgettable journey today. Shaolin Temple is located in Henan province ,which was the famous place with the religion culture. Now we are going to visit the  origin place of  Chinese zen  ----- Shaolin Temple. It located in the jungle of Shaoshi mountain, hence the name of Shaolin Temple.  Nowadays , Shaolin Temple is not only famous for its ancient mysterious Buddhism, but also renowned at home and abroad because of its exquisite kongfu. As the saying goes:” Chinese kongfu crown the world, World martial arts out of Shaolin”, It also enjoys a reputation as “the imperial sacrifices courtyard" by world Buddhism nowadays. Especially during the Tang dynasty, 13 sticks Buddhist monk rescued the emperor of TaiZong ,so gained the fame “The world famous temple” in the world .  
       Here we are. In Shaolin Temple, now we are in the entrance palace, you can easily notice a statue of Buddha is consecrated. It is the big stomach Maitreya to welcomes guests with his kindness countenance. Behind the entrance palace is a statue of Weituo, who protects temple Buddha, the Buddhism and the monk.
  Dear friends, among the entire temple central construction, the most splendid building is Main Hall. In center of the palace consecrates present world Buddha ---- Sakyamuni Buddha, left for passes Buddha, right for future Buddha ----- west extremely happy world Amitabha Buddha. The west and east Gable of the palace are consecrates eighteen Arhats, the other side consecrates goddess of Mercy. All of these consecrate indicate that Zen is a totally Chinese localization Buddhism.
   There is a bell tower and a drum tower in front of the main hall, both of them are regular buildings in temple. They stands for activities schedule of the whole temple.
   Around the main hall, we can visit a mass of buildings that can show us some related knowledge about the Chinese Buddhism. Such as: “Buddhist texts depositary”,” the snow pavilion”, and “Thousand Buddhist temple hall”, and so on.
     Now, we are facing the Spectacular tower forest of Shaolin Temple, actually they are tombs of Eminent monk and tower come from India named Futu, used to stored Buddhist relics, and the tower here is so splendid that reward every tourist with an unforgettable memory. It rank number one in its scale and quantity among the ancient tower forest. The height of each tower is depend on the status, attainment and Prestige of the monk, the higher achievement, the higher the tower.
    Dear friends, it is time to draw an end to our trip today, the  scenic spots  of  Shaolin  Temple is a good place for recreation and relaxation. even  enjoy the peaceful of Zen. It has been attracting thousands of vistors from home and abroad with its lovely natural scenery and strong colorful China culture , so welcome  back  again.  and I will be here waiting for you.

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Re: Shao Lin Temple

By Sky Han,

Hi, this is Sky,Business Interpreter/Tour Guide in Henan Province.


<p>This is the most famous tour destination in Henan Province, and this is where you must go when you come to Henan Province.</p> <p>Shaolin Temple, Mt. Song, Kungfu&nbsp;Show, and Kungfu&nbsp;Training in Kungfu School, in one word, this is a place worthy of your visiting.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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By timmytao,

It's my pleasure to be your guide and your next minority friend.

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