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Drum towers in ZhaoXing Dong Village in Guizhou Province

Zhaoxing, located in Liping County of Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture inGuizhou Province, is the largest Dong village in Southeast Dong area. Covering 180000 square meters, more than 800 residents of households with 4,000 people, known as "the first Dong village. "

In Zhaoxing, houses are built on both sides of the river and mountain slopes,which mainly built with fir.the best indicator of the Dong people to the number of superb architectural skill of the "wind and rain bridge." Because the bridge has a gallery style, you can shelter from bad weather in the bridge. There are railings on either side, shaped like a veranda. Bridge constructed without a nail, only hole drilled in the pole tenon eyes to articulation, cut through straight sets, compact structure, is very strong, it is amazing.

Drum Tower is the symbol of this ancient architecture building drawing on the essence of the Han, but also broke through the tower of the conventional, the lower was a square, were polygonal tile eaves, cornices re Court, there are three or four large stockade Drum Tower, a pagoda like , is very striking in the stockade.It is the gathering and entertainment place for Dong people.

the Drum Towers in ZhaoXing are unique in China known as "the Drum Tower of the town." There are five drum towers, five bridges and five stages for local dong opera. The appearance of the Drum Towers, height, size, different styles, a splendid sight.