Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon


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About this place

Here are ten reasons why you should never miss the Great Canyon:
  1. Spectacular scene is on show for four seasons and amazing views are presented whenever you visit here.
  2. It is also an unique scenic spot which covers aero, land and ocean entertainment in Zhangjiajie including aerial rope slide, group slide, touring boats, bungee jumping, etc.
  3. List in the Top Ten Chinese Cultural Scenic Spots, Southern Red Flag Ditch (Nan Fang Hong Qi QU) reflects the spirits of “The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains”.
4. It is the only location where you can enjoy a plank road made of flexible wood along the long valley. Stepping on the road offers an amazing feeling of wind rolling under visitor’ feet.
5. Here is also a special spot where you can find a 3-D view of water including all sorts of waterfall and curtain of falling water. It is interesting that while visitor enjoy the water they may become wet all over but the shoes weirdly remain dry all the time.
6. The combination of mountains, waters, caves and valleys is naturally designed for visitors to advent, explore, go hiking and study, in the meanwhile, natural ecology, geography and cultural inherits can provide visitors a grand feast.
7. Profound cultural connotations: the final battle between Li Zicheng( a Chinese rebel leader who overthrew the Ming dynasty and ruled over China briefly as emperor of the short-lived Shun Dynasty in the beginning of 17th century) and Wu Sangui( 1621- October 2, 1678, a Chinese military general who was instrument in the fall of the Ming dynasty an the establish of the Qing dynasty in 1644) in Wu Wang Po in the valley. General Li Guo (Buddha name Yefo), a confident of Li Zicheng was buried here in the valley. Du Xinwu, body guard of Mr. Sun-sen, (12 November 1866-12 March 1925, Chinese revolutionary, first resident and founding of the Republic of China) used to practice and gather herbs I his youth.
8. The world’s longest glass bridge and highest bungee platform will soon be completed here.
9. It is also a home to natural sport park and a paradise for outdoor sports lovers: adventure to the tranquil valley always brings surprise. It is a must for visitors who love sports such as climbing, camping, rock climbing, bungee, rafting, surfing, water skiing, ice climbing, hiking, CS, down hill, biking, mountain biking, up-streaming, body building and flying pulleys.
10. Amazing phenomena could not be missed in the Grand Canyon:two moons or two suns present together, illusion of battle field scenes from time to time.


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